Pvc Tents




Party tents are varying in terms of materials used and one of the important materials is PVC. Some materials are sturdy and more durable than other materials so the price of the tents differs based on the construction material. If you want to buy a heavy duty PVC tent, then it comes with some money than other options. Due to its strong power, most of the party tents are made out of polyester, vinyl or combination of both. When the tents constructed using polyester materials, you feel lightweight and as well as available at an affordable price range.


Generally, the PVC party tents have some capacity of water resistance along with durability. So, this ranges much in their level of durability. For example, tents constructed with thicker polyester material results in more durability. When it comes to the polyester material, it is more expensive than the polyester fabric. But, rather than water resistant, these tents ensure water proof. Aside from these, vinyl tents are greater in UV resistant which allows withstanding even in the hard weather conditions.


 The combination of polyester and vinyl tents are designed with a thick heavy duty PVC top and PVC side panels portray as the best model with very hard wearing capacity. In addition to that, this material is also coated on the inner design to offer better resistant to water. Therefore, it is used for both commercial and home purposes. These kinds of tents offer accommodations for more than 100 people to perfectly fit for a big party. When you place an order for these tents, it comes along with necessary accessories such as a frame, roof canopy, sidewalls, ropes, storage bag and so on.