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50 Foot Outdoor Globe String Lights

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50 Foot Outdoor Globe String Lights


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- Set includes a 50-foot C7 base light string and 50 G40, 5-watt clear glass light bulbs
- Set also includes spare bulbs and a spare 8-amp fuse located inside the plug 
- G40, 5 Watt C7 (E12) base light bulbs are 1.6" wide by 1.6" tall
- Total length: 150 feet
- Sockets are spaced every 12 inches

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    Lovely. Romantic. Tender. These are words to describe our 50-Foot Outdoor Globe String Lights. These are the perfect lights to brighten up your romantic proposal or wedding night...actually, any event you can think of that needs a touch of fairy-tale in it, our globe string lights will do the job. Our string lights are all perfect for outdoor parties or decorations, depending on your preferred usage of the lights. They will deliver.

    - Set includes a 50-foot C7 base light string and 50 G40, 5-watt clear glass light bulbs

    - Set also includes spare bulbs and a spare 8-amp fuse located inside the plug 

    G40, 5 Watt C7 (E12) base light bulbs are 1.6" wide by 1.6" tall

    - Total length: 150 feet

    - Sockets are spaced every 12 inches

    - Connect up to 3 sets from end to end

    - Manufactured with 18-gauge wire and rated for up to 959 total watts

    - Average bulb life is 3000 hours; long party hours up ahead!  

    - One inactive bulb will not affect the other working ones

    - Bright and charming ambient lights, perfect for outdoor parties and decoration

    - For both indoor and outdoor use

    - Free delivery to your door

    - Super simple return procedure


    Additional Information

    SKU 50ftlights
    Specifications / Size No
    Width (ft.) No
    Length (ft.) No
    Peak Height (ft.) No
    Area (sq. ft.) No
    Weight No
    Sidewalls Included No
    Sidewalls Removable No
    Sidewalls With Window No
    Shape No
    Center Pole No
    Fabric Material No
    Fabric Weight No
    Water Resistant No
    UV Resistant No
    Mold Resistant No
    Mildew Resistant No
    Frame / Pole Material No
    Pole Diameter No
    Metal Thickness No
    Storage Bags Included No
    Ropes / Stakes Included No
    Tools required for Assembly No
    Persons suggested to setup No
    Lifetime Warranty No
    Hastle Free Returns No
    Free Shipping No


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      Mesmerizing Globe lights.

      Apr 16, 2016 Andrew

      These led globe lights are cute and beautiful, looks attracting enough to buy.

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