• Outdoor Floor Tiles (1 sq. ft.)

Outdoor Floor Tiles (1 sq. ft.)

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Are you planning an outdoor event, like a birthday party, but whenever you look at your lawn, all you can think about is how it looks like something from outer space crash landed into it? Well, fret no more! Our Outdoor Floor Tiles are here! These American-made tiles are of the best quality, especially designed for your outdoor affair needs. Not only are these tiles for your party, it can also beautify your home because it can be the solution to your old patio problems.

- Each tile is sized per square feet

- Locking mechanism on each tile makes it easier to install

- Tiles are designed to withstand heavy loads, perfect for outdoor events

- Intentionally perforated to allow water to seep through

- Comes in different colors for variety

- Comes in a corrugated shipping box

Additional Information

Specifications / Size N/A
Width (ft.) N/A
Length (ft.) N/A
Peak Height (ft.) N/A
Area (sq. ft.) N/A
Weight N/A
Sidewalls Included N/A
Sidewalls Removable N/A
Sidewalls With Window N/A
Shape N/A
Center Pole N/A
Fabric Material N/A
Fabric Weight N/A
Water Resistant N/A
UV Resistant N/A
Mold Resistant N/A
Mildew Resistant N/A
Frame / Pole Material N/A
Pole Diameter N/A
Metal Thickness N/A
Storage Bags Included N/A
Ropes / Stakes Included N/A
Tools required for Assembly N/A
Persons suggested to setup N/A
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Regular Price: $9.99

Special Price: $4.99